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Uruguay Country Size: 176,218 sq km


Uruguay Population: 3,308,535


Uruguay Land Use: arable land: 7.80% permanent crops: 0.25% other: 92%


Uruguay Climate: warm temperate, cold temperatures very seldom


Uruguay Total Coast Line: 660 km


Uruguay Boarding countries: Argentina 580 km, Brazil 1,068 km


Uruguay World ranking on size of country:


Uruguay age demographics:


0-14 years: 22.2% (male 373,613/female 361,160)

15-64 years: 64.1% (male 1,042,163/female 1,078,357)

65 years and over: 13.7% (male 180,729/female 272,513)


Uruguay Religions: Roman Catholic 48%, non-Catholic Christians 11%, autonomous worship 23%, Jewish 0.4%, atheist or agnostic 17.2%


Uruguay Languages Spoken: Spanish (official), Portunol, Brazilero


Uruguay Government Structure: constitutional republic


Uruguay Capital City: Montevideo


Uruguay National Economy GDP: $44.24 billion


Uruguay Total Airports: 58


Uruguay Railways: 1,641 km


Uruguay Shipping Ports: 18 Largest Montevido


Uruguay Tourism Figures: 1,938,000


Uruguay Most visited tourist locations:



Plaza Independencia, Montevideo

Punta Del Este Uruguay

Isla Gorriti Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento UNESCO

Río de la Plata

Plaza Mayor

Mansa Beach Uruguay


“Quick Fact: Uruguay exports 1.4 billion USD in Beef”


Uruguay National Airline Name: Pluna


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