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Things to do in China

Things to do in China

Here is an assortment of the most amazing things to do in China. Check rates, tour times, special discounts and much more. There are so many things to do in China so take a look and select from some of the world’s most famous attractions in China.


Seeing the best attractions in China during your visit is extremely important and planning ahead can save lots of time. For instance, many of the listed attractions are more accessible by taking a Rent a Car in China while others can be visited using our included free buses which are in the price when these trips and tours are booking online! Yes Free!


Some of the visitors also found various Travel Guide Books for China to be a great help when selecting the right tours and entertainment in China for their vacation.


From a Poll done by us at Travelucion, the following attractions or tours were ranked in the following order as the top 5 attractions in China


#1 Great Wall of China Tour

#2 Best of Shanghai Tour

#3 Terracotta Warriors Tour

#4 Private Tour Beijing

#5 Huangpu River Cruise



Probably the best places to stay on your vacation to see the maximum amount of attractions in China are:



Hong Kong






“#1 things to do in China – Great Wall”



Other destinations in China can be reached by plane if you wish using national flights in China


Finally, some of the best theme hotels and resorts in China which offer entertainment of the highest levels are as follows:


#1 Waldorf Astoria Shanghai

#2 Art Palace Beijing

#3 The Ritz Carlton Shenzhen

#4 Zijing Hotel Nanjing

#5 Ramada Hong Kong


There are so many things to do in China that you may need more than one trip! Travelucion can assist you with your travel needs to China 24/7.

Things to do in China 101

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