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Nicaragua Tourism

Nicaragua Tourism

NICARAGUA´s most popular destinations for Nicaragua tourism are the following. The Travelucion data shows that the main bulk of tourists to Nicaragua will visit one of the following destinations:






San Juan del Sur




Of course, Nicaragua offers varied tourism experiences for those looking for an ample choice of offers. These include Nicaragua cultural tourism, Nicaragua beach and leisure tourism, Nicaragua business travel tourism, Nicaragua religious tourism, Nicaragua ecotourism, Nicaragua academic tourism.


Probably the major bulk of travelers to Nicaragua will be visiting for Cultural and Eco Tourism type vacations however; smaller segments of arrivals will venture into one or more of the aforementioned categories of Nicaragua Tourism


Below is a brief overview of tourism in Nicaragua for those looking for travel information on Nicaragua as well as those who have not yet decided if Nicaragua is the right destination for them.


Possibly the chief reason Nicaragua tourism is increasing is because of the diversity of gorgeous beaches the length of the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. These beaches attribute gentle currents and sea breezes that are ideal for a day of swimming or fishing, whilst some beaches have strong waves surfers relish. Travelers to Nicaragua like the country’s beaches due to the fact they are not as busy as some of the other beaches in South American countries such as or Uruguay or Venezuela


Central America is where you´ll find Nicaragua, a place exploratory people go to go see lush rainforests and tropical panoramas, deep active volcanoes, and some of the best fly fishing on the continent. With so many things to do in Nicaragua you might be atrracted to explore the entire country for a extended period of several months


Volcanic activity in Nicaragua is rampant but this should not deter visitors as these are largely small volcanoes. There are tons of volcanoes to explore in Nicaragua a small few being still active but most dormant. On Ometepe Island, tourists can climb up the sides of the volcanoes, and see banana plantations and many species of animals. Once the volcanoes summit one can wander around the crater.


Nicaragua’s tropical islands offer lots of things to do such as trekking through Nicaraguan trails, fishing in the natural lakes, and discovering about the species that inhabit these islands, like howler monkeys. There are few hotels these tiny desolate islands. Corn Islands offer simple good old charm and are one of Nicaragua’s prominent attractions for tourists.


Nicaragua has a massive fishing industry. Blessed with both waters of Atlantic and Pacific Oceans the available fish and species are simply astounding. One of the best fishing trips you could take is on the infamous Lake Nicaragua; some of the fish can weigh up to 30 KG, the weight of a small child! Fishing expeditions can be simple day trips, overnight or even weeks at a time. All on Nicaragua’s amazing flesh Water Lake, one of the only places in the world where seawater fish have adapted to the fresh water environment.


Granada has many things to see of a historical nature and is a short drive from the nation’s capital Managua. Visit Granada if you´re passionate about colonial buildings and churches, it’s also the location of one of the oldest churches in the Americas. Packed with historical buildings dating back to the 1600’s Granada seems to have a new sight at every corner or its tiny streets. Nightlife in Granada is also quite HOT plus there are several yearly events ovfer cultural parades and festivals. Granada offers truly some of the best sights of Nicaragua and is geared towards tourism more than other regions marketplaces and museums are abundant, as are businesses specifically geared towards the visiting tourists.


Overall Nicaragua tourism figures show how popular this destination has become.



“#1 NICARAGUA Tourism destination is – Granada”



Most tourism to Nicaragua will stay at Hotels in NICARAGUA , although a smaller percentage will stay at guest houses. In order to see Nicaragua, a rental car is advisable and Rent a Car in Nicaragua can be relatively cheap compared to other countries. As far as Nicaragua tourism attractions we have listed a few of these on the link provided. Finally, about 90% of travelers to Nicaragua visit by plane so check out the Nicaragua Flight offers.


Nicaragua Tourism in general is a very rewarding experience and reviews of Nicaragua show a high number of satisfied visitors when polling those who have traveled there with Travelucion


For more information visit us at Nicaragua tourism information or check out our Nicaragua Travel Guide Books offers.


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