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Complete facts on NICARAGUA learn about the destination, population, culture on other key travel facts about Nicaragua. Having the best facts about Nicaragua before you travel will prove invaluable when you make your trip of a lifetime to Nicaragua.


Nicaragua Country Size: 130,370 sq km


Nicaragua Population: 5,666,342


Nicaragua Land Use: arable land: 14.80% permanent crops: 1.80% other: 84 %


Nicaragua Climate: tropical lower altitudes, cooler on higher ground


Nicaragua Total Coast Line: 910 km


Nicaragua Bordering countries: Costa Rica 309 km, Honduras 922 km


Nicaragua World ranking on size of country: 109


Nicaragua age demographics:


0-14 years: 32% (male 913,905/female 879,818)

15-64 years: 64% (male 1,743,591/female 1,874,025)

65 years and over: 4.6% (male 116,153/female 138,809)


Nicaragua Religions: Roman Catholic 59%, Evangelical 22%, Moravian 1.8%, Jehovah’s Witnesses 1%, other 1.7%, agnostic 15.7%


Nicaragua Languages Spoken: Spanish (official) 98%, Miskito 2%


Nicaragua Government Structure: Republic


Nicaragua Capital City: Managua


Nicaragua National Economy GDP: $17.92 billion


Nicaragua Total Airports: 143


Nicaragua Railways: All finally closed in 2001


Nicaragua Shipping Ports: 8 Largest Corinto, Sandino, San juan del Sur, Cabezas, el Bluff, Bluefields, El Rama


Nicaragua Tourism Figures: 900,010


“Quick Fact: Nicaragua lake fish are sea fish that have adapted to fresh water”


Nicaragua Most visited tourist locations:






San Juan del Sur




Nicaragua National Airline Name: Aeronica


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