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Cuba Tourism

CUBA´s most popular destinations for Cuba tourism are the following. The Travelucion data shows that the main bulk of tourists to Cuba will visit one of the following destinations:



Cayo Coco

Cayo Guillermo

Cayo Santa Maria


Old Havana


Cayo Largo

Santiago de Cuba





Of course, Cuba offers varied tourism experiences for those looking for an ample choice of offers. These include Cuba cultural tourism, Cuba beach and leisure tourism, Cuba business travel tourism, Cuba religious tourism, Cuba ecotourism, Cuba academic tourism.


Probably the major bulk of travelers to Cuba will be visiting for beach tourism type vacations however; smaller segments of arrivals will venture into one or more of the aforementioned categories of Cuba Tourism


Below is a brief overview of tourism in Cuba provided by the national travel company Havanatur for those looking for travel information on Cuba as well as those who have not yet decided if Cuba is the right destination for them.

Latest government figures (2014) indicate that Cuba is mainly a beach destination. 83% of visitors in 2014 stayed at beach resorts, predominantly Varadero, Jardines del Rey Islands of Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Santa Maria. The remaining percentage of visitors stays at Old Havana, Havana City, Trinidad and other historical cities in Cuba. Cuban tourism officials (MINTUR) are working ceaselessly to bring tourism into the major Cuban cities by running varied festivals and events throughout the year. Convention tourism is strong and assists with this goal but essentially only Havana benefits from convention tourism.


Overall Cuba tourism figures show how popular this destination has become.


“#1 CUBA Tourism destination is Varadero”


Most tourism to Cuba will stay at Hotels in CUBA , although a smaller percentage will stay at guest houses known as Casa Particulares. In order to see Cuba, a rental car is advisable and Rental Car in Cuba can be relatively cheap compared to other countries. As far as Cuba tourism attractions we have listed a few of these on the link provided. Finally, about 90% of travelers to Cuba visit by plane so check out the Cuba Flight offers.


Cuba Tourism in general is a very rewarding experience and reviews of Cuba show a high number of satisfied visitors when polling those who have traveled there with Travelucion


For more information visit us at Cuba tourism information or check out our Cuba Travel Guide Books offers.


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