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Cuba Country Size: 109,884 km2 – 42,426 sq mi


Cuba Population: 11,167,325 (2014)


Cuba Land Use: 102/km2 264.0/sq mi


Cuba Climate: 65-79 F or 18-26 C


Cuba Total Coast Line: 5,746 km


Cuba Bordering countries: None Island


Cuba World ranking on size of country: 106th


Cuba age demographics:


0-14 years: 16.6% (male 944,254/female 892,766)

15-24 years: 13.9% (male 787,368/female 748,315)

25-54 years: 46.9% (male 2,611,371/female 2,578,471)

55-64 years: 10.3% (male 544,465/female 595,856)

65 years and over: 12.3% (male 611,086/female 747,934)


Cuba Religions: Catholic 60%


Cuba Languages Spoken: Spanish


Cuba Government Structure: Single-party Marxist–Leninist republic


Cuba Capital City: Havana


Cuba National Economy GDP: $121 billion


Cuba Total Airports: 36 Civilian 5 military


Cuba Railways: 4,226 km (2,626 mi) Ferrocarriles de Cuba


Cuba Shipping Ports: 38 (largest Cienfuegos)


Cuba Tourism Figures: 3.1 Million 2013


Cuba Most visited tourist locations: Varadero, Jardines del Rey, Havana

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