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The Travelucion travel and country review blog is run by our junior staffers.




They´re creating and maintain this website as a pet project for future discussions on our varied destinations and also to assist with our future search for local services in the 150+ countries we offer. The review blog is therefore, what we consider, “work in progress” and is updated when our younger staffers or interns have the time to add new destinations and topics. We apologize while this work is underway and have asked them to work on the project to at least include some destination information for each country and then return to compliment this at a later date.

If you would like to assist or participate in the creation of certain country´s content for this blog then, please contact the blog team leader at : contact @

Unfortunately, we cannot answer Travelucion review blog queries or suggestions through our call center so please just send emails addressed to the blog team above.


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