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Barbados Tourism

Barbados Tourism

BARBADOS´s most popular destinations for Barbados tourism are the following. The Travelucion data shows that the main bulk of tourists to Barbados will visit one of the following destinations:



Christ Church Barbados

Paradise Beach

Paynes Bay

Silver Sands Beach

Maxwell Coast


St Lawrence Gap

St Joseph

Peter Barbados



Of course, Barbados offers varied tourism experiences for those looking for an ample choice of offers. These include Barbados cultural tourism, Barbados beach and leisure tourism, Barbados business travel tourism, Barbados religious tourism, Barbados ecotourism, Barbados academic tourism.


Probably the major bulk of travelers to Barbados will be visiting for Sun, Sea & Sand tourism type vacations however; smaller segments of arrivals will venture into one or more of the aforementioned categories of Barbados Tourism


Below is a brief overview of tourism in Barbados for those looking for travel information on Barbados as well as those who have not yet decided if Barbados is the right destination for them.


Barbados Island has an amazing Southern Coast. Rum stores or locally known as “bars” litter the thoroughfare in the thousands. Some say it’s like there´s one for every local Barbadian. You should also sample the local favorite “fish fry,” if you are lucky to be around during this festive period you´ll be a guest of the townsfolk who put on a massive spread of food, drink and entertainment for themselves and all visitors. Dancing to the beat of the steel drum, Calypso and locally loved Soca you´ll see how the Barbadians know how to have fun! One of the main attractions for the budget traveler is that all of this is free and Bajans (as they are called locally) certainly expect you not only to participate but also consume ample amounts of everything. Again, all free…


Different to most of the Caribbean, Barbados does not cease to surprise all visitors with the laid back life and generally fun loving people who are less attracted to impending tourist dollar than simply to make you feel welcome…Most people don´t know that Barbados is the furthest Island (east) in the Caribbean Sea, and also one of the most varied. Split into 11 parishes, each having a different way of life. The south is is however where the major party towns are located, some distance away from Bridgetown. Some visitors also take the regular ferry services to discover the adjacent St Lucia, Dominica and Guadeloupe. Barbados still feels distinctly British as things stop for cricket, English Tea and abundant pubs all part of what makes Barbados such a unique place to visit. A bit like the UK with Sun but better!


Bridgetown, the capital city is a very popular place to visit for all tourists to the island. The pastel shades of the buildings and colonial undertones make it a great place to discover. Some of the very best Barbados beaches such as Payne Bay Beach or Brighton Beach you also get the flipside of amazing architecture. To get a taste of culture in Barbados and above all history then you need to check out Bridgetown and its surrounding Parishes. A feeling of British style blended with the graceful Caribbean lifestyle is truly magnificent and intoxicatingly cool. Near the city you´ll find some of the most amazing private Villas owned by the rich and famous from around the world, hidden behind their high walls and coastal beauty.


The west coast is home to sumptuous and sometimes outrageously beautiful Barbados villas, being the high ticket places to stay in the eastern most Caribbean Island.



Overall Barbados tourism figures show how popular this destination has become.



“#1 BARBADOS Tourism destination is – Bridgetown”



Most tourism to Barbados will stay at Hotels in BARBADOS , although a smaller percentage will stay at guest houses. In order to see Barbados, a rental car is advisable and Rent a  Car in Barbados can be relatively cheap compared to other countries. As far as Barbados tourism attractions we have listed a few of these on the link provided. Finally, about 90% of travelers to Barbados visit by plane so check out the Barbados Flight offers.


Barbados Tourism in general is a very rewarding experience and reviews of Barbados show a high number of satisfied visitors when polling those who have traveled there with Travelucion


For more information visit us at Barbados tourism information or check out our Barbados Travel Guide Books offers.



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