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BARBADOS Popular Tourist destinations | BARBADOS Tourism | Best Places to visit

Barbados Tourism BARBADOS´s most popular destinations for Barbados tourism are the following. The Travelucion data shows that the main bulk of tourists to Barbados will visit one of the following destinations:     Christ Church Barbados Paradise Beach Paynes Bay Silver Sands Beach Maxwell Coast Speightstown St Lawrence Gap St Joseph Peter Barbados     […]


BARBADOS Country Facts | Traveler information for Barbados

Barbados Information Complete facts on BARBADOS learn about the destination, population, culture on other key travel facts about Barbados. Having the best facts about Barbados before you travel will prove invaluable when you make your trip of a lifetime to Barbados.   Barbados Country Size: 430 sq km   Barbados Population: 287,000   Barbados Land […]


Things to do in Barbados | BARBADOS Tours, Attractions & Entertainment

Things to do in Barbados Here is an assortment of the most amazing things to do in Barbados. Check rates, tour times, special discounts and much more. There are so many things to do in Barbados so take a look and select from some of the world’s most famous attractions in Barbados.   #1 Best […]

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